Banning Guitars

Hand made Guitars

The Story of Banning Guitars thus far:

It all started with a simple build your own strat kit my Father inlaw bought me for my birthday in 2004. I was so impressed with the tone of the guitar, it sounded better than my Fender Standard! I enjoyed building the guitar so much I began reading books on lutherie. 

Having fifteen years of experience in precision metal working with various machinery at my disposal, I started making and customizing guitars. It started as a side job /hobby, but in 2012 my full time job slowed down so much I had to pick up the slack. Before I knew it I had so many orders I quit my full time job and started building guitars for a living. I built guitars full time for four years. In 2016 orders became too unsteady.  I financially struggled to balance both running a small business in California and to support my family. I made the tough decision to get a full time job again.  Currently I work as a Maintenance Mechanic at a local winery to help support my family and continue to build my guitars part time.

Currently I am no longer taking any custom orders, we are only taking orders for our Heartbreakers. I am focussing on finishing up all my past custom orders so I can get back to building guitars that I am passionate about. My future plans include building guitars that I enjoy and placing them for sell when finished. I may take occasional custom orders if they peek my interest.

Being a follower of Christ, God has blessed me greatly so I strive to glorify him in everything I do. Each guitar I build I first pray over as I build it, then write a Bible scripture in the pickup cavity that correlates to its weight. God has given me this talent, it's a small way that I can thank Him and hopefully spread His good word.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and God Bless!
                            Jason Banning