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Payment Plans

Lets build that guitar you've always wanted!!!! 

We currently offer two different payment plans:

1). 50% down payment, balance + shipping costs due upon completion of the build. 

2). 25% down payment, and 25% payments made each month, balance + shipping costs due upon completion of the build.


PayPal and major credit cards are accepted, with credit cards processed through PayPal. Please contact me for payment details and to discuss your custom guitar before attempting to send payment

Final invoice: a final invoice will be sent a week before the projected ship date with the balance plus shipping charges. Payment is due by the projected ship date. A $35 late charge will apply after 15 days from the projected ship date.

Your order is a CONTRACT for work. I do not guarantee a delivery time, I can only give you a close guestimate on delivery time, the work changes daily and time predictions are difficult. Despite my best efforts to stay ahead, your order can go later or even sooner than expected. The key is patience. I am one man playing many roles to make this business run, I do not give refunds on custom orders because they are CUSTOM, nor may you cancel your custom order for refund- your payment is acceptance of a binding contract to have your work done as stated.

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